WORKSHOP: Migration, Populism and Ethical Perspectives on Voting

Stockholm, June 29 - July 1, 2022

The REDEM workshop on Migration, Populism and Ethical Perspectives on Voting is devoted to explorations of the electoral ethical perspectives on migration, migration policy and the rise of populist political parties. The workshop will in particular seek to advance our understanding of ethical conflicts facing voters and strategies for resolving them in the context of migration and populism. This includes but is not limited to papers addressing how the left-right dimension and political cleavages in terms of cultural values structure voters judgments, the extent to which democracies provide opportunities to articulate relevant ethical standpoints on migration, how perceptions of biased electoral representation condition judgements on populist parties and agendas, how voter’s judgements on migration and populism is affected by the electoral system and general questions on the ethics of voting in relation to populist candidates and migration policy. In addition, the workshop addresses the electoral ethics of migration and populism in the context of impending threats to the democratic order, including the ethical dilemmas of militant democracy.

Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Thursday, June 30, 2022

Friday, July 1, 2022


Session 4

09:00-10:15 PANEL: Democracy
Panel chair: Jonas Hultin Rosenberg -
   Uppsala University

Daniel Weinstock - McGill University
Democratic Arguments for (Moderately)
   Undemocratic Political Parties

Chiara Destri - Goethe University Frankfurt
Electoral Democracy and the Duty of Trust

Session 9

09:00-10:30 PANEL: Democratic

Panel chair: Alexandru Volacu - University
   of Bucharest

Franziska Lara Paulmann - University of

A “tragic choice”? - The justified reactions to
   anti-immigration backlashes by liberal
   democratic states

Andrei Poama, Tom Theuns - University of

Civic invitation: Democratic backsliding and
   prodemocratic partisanship in the EU

Anthoula Malkopoulou - Uppsala University
Justifying militant democracy


Session 5

10:30-12:00 PANEL 5: Epistemic voting
Panel chair: Toni Gibea - University of

Sofia Wiman - University of Gothenburg
The vices of a bad voter (cancelled)

Sebastian Linares, Gustavo Bodanza -
   University of Salamanca/CONICET

Epistemic voting and aggregation

Session 10

11:00-12:30 PANEL: Populism
Panel chair: Chiara Destri - Goethe
   University Frankfurt

Attila Mràz - Sciences Po/CEVIPOF
Populism(s) and the Non-Ideal Ethics of

Sirus Dehdari - Stockholm University
Emigration and Populism

Session 1

Annabelle Lever - Sciences Po/CEVIPOF
Ludvig Beckman - University of Stockholm

13:15-15:00 PANEL: Voting rights of

Panel chair: Attila Mràz - Sciences Po/

Adelin-Costin Dumitru - University of

Enfranchising refugees in a non-ideal world

Alexandru Volacu - University of

Voting Rights and Migration: A Relational

Jacob Garrett - University of Genova
When Parents Vote: Immigrant Inclusion on
   Parent Councils in Primary and Secondary

Session 6

13:00-14:30 PANEL: Electoral rules and

Panel chair: Dimitrios Efthymiou - Goethe
   University Frankfurt

Elena Pupaza - Stockholm University,
   Joachim Wehner - London School of

How does the electoral system condition
   voter responses to immigration?

Arina Cocoru - New York University
   Abu Dhabi

Conflict-of-interest rules and the duties of
   parliamentary members

Toni Gibea - University of Bucharest
Empirically assessing the impact of voting
   dilemmas on voters’ attitudes and behavior

Session 2

15:15-15:50 PANEL: Voting rights of
   immigrants (continued)

Dimitrios Efthymiou - Goethe University

When should EU immigrants get the vote?

15:50-17:00 PANEL: Citizenship and voting
Panel chair: Marcus Carlsen Häggrot -
   Goethe University Frankfurt

Camilla Wangmar - Stockholm University
Acting like states: regional citizenship and
   democratic inclusion in UK Overseas

Leonardo Barros da Silva Menezes -
   University of Minho

Alienage, the Right to Vote and the
   Boundary-Focused Citizenship

Session 7

14:45-16:00 PANEL: Territory and

Panel chair: Corrado Fumagalli - University
   of Genova

Mollie Gerver - King's College London
Immigration control as self-defence

Marcus Carlsen Häggrot - Goethe University

De-territorialised legislative constituencies:
   A conditional defence

Session 3

Moderator: Ludvig Beckman - Stockholm

Valeria Ottonelli - University of Genoa
What the vote can’t do. The problem of the
   electoral representation of migrants

Session 8

Moderator: Annabelle Lever - Sciences Po/

David Miller - Oxford University
The resurgence of nationalism