WORKSHOP: The Ethical Complexity of Voting

Genoa, July 7-9, 2021

The REDEM workshop on The Ethical Complexity of Voting will be devoted to the discussion and exploration of different dimensions along which voters can face hard choices and complex electoral scenarios. The workshop will pay special attention to how voters, who are situated in particular positions on the gender, social, economic and racial axes, perceive electoral choices and dilemmas. Topics to be covered include: the extent, content and severity of the ethical conflicts facing citizens as voters; the classification and in-depth discussion of electoral scenarios that lead to ethical conflicts; the type of information, evaluative strategies and reasoning, institutional changes that citizens need to support their voting decisions; voting dilemmas and value trade-offs; and the ethical conflicts created by the specifics of a given electoral system.

The workshop will be organised by the University of Genoa. Further information about the workshop format and registration procedures will be announced in due course. On-line access will be provided even in the event where the workshop will convene on-site. For any further please contact the workshop organisers. If interested in attending, please check back regularly for updates.