Paris, February 5-6, 2020


The inaugural REDEM workshop was held at Sciences Po/CEVIPOF, and was the first in a series of 16 interdisciplinary workshops and conferences to be organised throughout the project. Its purpose was to introduce the project partners and external participants to each other's work in areas related to the REDEM project. The programme included presentations on the latest social scientific and philosophical research on political abstention and alienation, populism, political parties, referenda and social inequality and their relevance to debates about electoral ethics, democratic legitimacy and the challenges posed by new technologies for political transparency, inclusion and accountability.


Day 1 - Panel 1

Democratic Ethics and Politics

Martial Foucault - CEVIPOF/Sciences Po
The Rise of Populism and the Collapse of the Left-Right Paradigm -
    Lessons from the 2017 French Presidential Election

Annabelle Lever - CEVIPOF/Sciences Po
Democratic Legitimacy and the Ethics of Voting

Valeria Ottonelli - University of Genoa
Citizen's Political Prudence and the Ethics of Voting

Carys Roberts - Institute for Public Policy Research

Day 2 - Panel 1

The Demos, Partisanship and Technology

Ludvig Beckman - University of Stockholm
Democratic Inclusion and Subjection to Norms

Andreas Albertsen - Aarhus University
Voting Advice Applications: Empirical Observations and Normative

Toni Gibea - University of Bucharest
Empirical Approaches in Ethics

Chiara Destri - Sciences Po
VoiCED: A Tripartite Approach to Democratic Duties

Day 1 - Panel 2

Democracy, Rationality and Inequality

Andrei Poama - University of Leiden
The Ethics of Electoral Exclusions and Marginalization

Alexandru Volacu - University of Bucharest
Folk arguments in the Ethics of Voting. A Tentative Exploration

Jonas Pontusson - University of Geneva
Unequal Democracies: A Research Agenda

Dominik Gerber - Stockholm School of Economics in Riga
Epistemic Duties in Imperfect Democracies

Day 2 - Panel 2

Membership and Voice: Local and Global

Marcus Häggrot - Goethe University, Frankfurt a.M.
Electoral Systems and the Voter Experience

José Luis Martí - Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona
Globalizing Democracy, Deterritorialization and CrowdLaw

Ismael Peña López - Government of Catalonia
Towards a Citizen-centered Multi-level Ecosystem of Political

Elise Rouméas - Sciences Po
The Ethics of Tactical Voting

Day 1 - Open Panel

Pierre-Etienne Vandamme - Université Libre de Bruxelles
Fostering a Public-spirited Ethos through Justified Voting

Laurenţiu Gheorghe - University of Bucharest
Big Data and the Limits of Political Freedom

Miljan Vasic - University of Belgrade
The Proceduralist Account of Voting and Its Underlying Ethical

Day 2 - Open Panel

Sylvain Brouard - CEVIPOF/Sciences Po
Procedural Preferences on Democracy: An Experimental Perspective

Cees van Dijk - ProDemos, The Hague
A Portrait of ProDemos – House for Democracy and Rule of Law